A Typical Day

A Typical Day At The Lenches Pre-School


A busy day at our Pre-School starts at around 8 am when the Manager and her team of staff arrive. No time to waste,

the staff work quickly and efficiently and know from their planning meetings exactly what activities will happen that morning and what play, craft materials, tables and chairs and outdoor equipment needs to be set up ready for the arrival of the children. We run weekly forest school sessions, cooking activities, PE sessions, letters and sounds, as well melody music sessions


The staff team are all very keen to recycle and provide the best for the children in their care; play dough is prepared from natural ingredients and any materials they have at home which can be used at school, are utilised for craft exercises and of course supplemented with other materials which are carefully sourced from various suppliers and parents.


Children arrive with a parent or carer from 8.30am. We are open for Breakfast Club at 8.30am where we provide a small breakfast for the children consisting of toast, cereal and a drink. Children can then play until 9am, when other children arrive at Pre-School.


In order to promote independence, children are encouraged to carry their own Pre-School bag. Each bag should contain a named pair of wellington boots, waterproofs, change of clothes and for our younger students, nappies and wipes.

Children should also bring to each Pre-School session one piece of fruit to be shared during break-time with other children, a named water bottle and lunchbox. Pre-School bags are located on pegs so that your child can access it at all times and is also available for any artwork and letters to take back home.


During the day, children will take in activities planned by the staff as well as being encouraged to choose their own games and activities. Our planning folder is displayed in the room at all times.