Children's Work

Children's Work




Each week the staff will plan a variety of activities based around the observations and interests of the children. Recent themes have included dinosaurs, pirates, world travel and multi-cultural celebrations and dancing. Through these themes we aim to cover relevant areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.


We have also been spending time working on other areas where we consider the children need more experience. During the year your child will make models, collage, paintings and drawings which they will bring home. Please be enthusiastic about them and encourage them to talk about what they have done.


How our children learn


Every session at our Pre-School is planned following the guidance of the Early Years Foundation. This helps us to achieve the best from our children using national guidelines and standards. It is recognized that for the pre-schoolers age group, most learning and skills development will be achieved through play.


Nursery profile and school transfer record


At the beginning of the Pre-School year, all children will be issued with a EYFS Pathway Profile and School Transfer Record for initial completion by the child’s parent/carer and key person. This form has been designed for Pre-School's by Worcestershire County Council.


This is an important tool and written record to monitor a child’s progress and may be discussed with a child’s parents during the year where a particular achievement is reached or, if there are any issues identified. At the end of the Pre-School year, one copy of the completed form will be provided to the child's parents for signature and then this signed Nursery Profile is given to the appropriate class teacher of the First School that the child will attend.


Twice a year we hold a parents' consultation evening where we discuss in detail each child's individual progress.