Pre-school Committee

Pre-school Committee


The Lenches Pre-School is run by a committee made up almost entirely of parents/carers who have children at the

Lenches Pre-School or school.The overall management of our Pre-School rests with the individual members of the Pre-School's Management Committee ("The Committee"). As well as being responsible for the management of the Pre-School, the committee members are also the charity trustees of the Pre-School.


The Committee is responsible for taking major decisions associated with the running of the Pre-School, reviewing policy and practice and for the appointment and annual appraisal of members of staff, along with fundraising events.


Our Annual General Meeting, at which the Committee for the following year is elected, is held in September and parents are informed in good time so that they are able to attend.


The Committee elects "Officers" each year for positions and welcomes any parent participation to assist in the running of our Pre-School.


All parents/carers are asked to consider joining the committee, giving some time to keep the Pre-School going and perhaps to make some new friends in the process.


- Are you interested in learning new skills?

- Would you like to meet new people?

- Would you like to share your skills, time and ideas with others?

- Have you ever felt you could help improve the running of the Pre-School?


If you can answer "yes" to any of these questions, the Lenches Pre-school committee would love to hear from you. Please contact Emilia Munro, the Pre-School Manager, at


If you would like to find out more, feel free to have a chat with our current members:

Staff Members

Emilia Munro


Thank you to our Parent/Carers:

Charles Magill (Chair Person)

Steph Perkins (Secretary)

Elizabeth Ferguson (Treasurer)

Claire Cook

James Betteridge

Angela Curnock


Lara Hailwood (created and maintains this website)


Our AGM is held during the Autumn term.