Fees & Funding

Fees & Funding


Fees are payable monthly in advance. Fees continue to be payable if a child is absent without notice or for a short time. In cases of prolonged absence, parents should consult the committee about fee payment. Each child's attendance at the group is conditional upon continued payment of the necessary fees. Should your child need to leave the pre-school for any reason, we will require a minimum of one months notice- fees will be required in lieu of notice if this is not possible.


Current fees:-


Breakfast Club: 0830-0900 - £3.00 (Tuesday - Friday)


Morning Session: 0900-1200 - £10.50


Morning Session and Lunch: 0900-1300 - £14.00


Afternoon Session: 1200-1500 - £10.50

All Day Session: 0900-1500 - £21.00

Forest School Session (Monday): £14.00


Extra Hour: £3.50


Toddler Group Session (Thursday): £2.00 per child


Funding is available for children one term after their third birthday. The following dates below confirm when your

3 year old is entitled to a funded place:


Third birthday between 1 September and 31 December - funding available the following January 31 March - The following April

Third birthday between 1 April and 31 August - funding available the following September

The funding will continue until the child starts full-time education.


The local authority provides funding for children of nursery school age (age 2 and age 3) to attend an approved setting (such as ours) for up to 15 hours per week without parents having to pay fees. As such we are able to claim local authority funding for children in the term following their 2nd and 3rd birthday.


Each child is entitled to up to 15 hours. If your child attends more than one funded session, then the funding will be split between the sessions and any extra hours will be billed for.


We will ask you as parent to fill in a Grant Claim form and will then inform the Local Education Authority that your child is attending our Pre-School.